Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Hex’s Comic Book Pull List – 03/06/09

Hex’s Pull List – 03/06/09

Amazing Spider-Man 596
Exiles 3
Mighty Avengers 25
New Mutants 2
Skaar: Son of Hulk 11
War of Kings 4

Batman & Robin 1

So we are at that point of the week when I look at what comics I will be buying this Thurs. Even though due to my shit postman I still haven’t received any of last weeks yet! (Which I will post reviews for once I have received and read them).

Pretty small week for me. Batman & Robin 1 is the one I am most looking forward to. I have decided to pick up Mighty Avengers 25 due to the strength of the preview I have seen and I will also be picking up Skaar: Son of Hulk 11 (a title I have never bought before) as it continues the Planet Skaar story from the Prelude One Shot. I’m intrigued to see a proper throw down between father and son.
Also Amazing Spider-Man I never normally read. I’m not really a Spider-man fan, I mean I like him in a group setting as he is great for the comic one liner, but a whole book of him I just find annoying. Plus he has the worst superhero costume ever. Does that make me a bad comic book fan for not liking Spidey?!?! Anyway, from what I’ve read about the upcoming American Son arc it looks cool so I will checking it out.
What are you guys picking up, and any suggestions as to any other titles I should be getting?



  1. All of the Superman books have been so great. I'm pretty much mostly a Marvel guy, but the latest run on Supes is the best comic books I've read in ages.

  2. Yeah I agree the Supes titles have been good lately, I like the cohesion between the books. But Pete Woods art on the New Krypton title is a real turn off for me. For some reason I really dont like it and it spoils my enjoyment of the book.