Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Will the real Cap please stand up!

Interesting article over at Newsarama about the weird release date of Captain America 600 and more of the Reborn 5 issue mini series that will follow.

I say bring back Steve as Cap. The book has gone down hill since he died and Bucky was cool as the Winter Soldier. What do you guys think is gonna happen?


  1. Hey man. I just had to click through a WARNING page to get here saying that your site is under violation or some junk. I have no idea how?? Anyway, I hope it doesn't happen. This blog is sweet, and regularly updated, which is awesome.

    As for Cap, I like Bucky as Cap. I don't think it's been anywhere near long enough yet, but Brubaker is the king so I'm sure it will be good comics whatever happens.

  2. Yeah I noticed that too, they said on my dashboard they were checking for spam and to make sure I'm not a robot or some shit. Hopefully it will be corrected soon. Thanks for the nice comments about the site, glad you like it. Im still messing with the look but will comtinue to update regularly.

    With regards to Cap, whatever is going on I just hope its done with a great story.