Friday, 12 June 2009

Dark Wolverine preview art & Rucka talks Batwoman/ Detective Comics

Preview art pages here at IGN Comics for Dark Wolverine #75:

I'm really undecided on this, I might give the first few issues ago, it’s only fair to the creative team I suppose before I dismiss this title completely. It’s just hard getting behind a lead character who so far has been written like a total dick.

There is also an interview at IGN with Greg Rucka on the upcoming Batwoman/ Detective Comics. I don’t know anything about Batwoman and have never read a comic with her in, but Rucka is quite a decent writer and the art on the preview pages just look so different and absolutely gorgeous, I’ll have to check it out.

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  1. Cool site you've got here Hex(?), Matthew(?)(not sure which one you prefer!)I'm always happy to find a new comic related site.

    Although he is kind of dickish at times, I've actually warmed up to Daken lately. I like the idea that he can really ruffle Wolverine's feathers AND get away with it. Wolvie has really looked unstoppable since around Civil War, so I like that Daken seems to be one of the few characters out there who can take Wolvie down a notch or two. I figure that Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu will expand on Daken's origin and maybe play up the tragic angle of his upbringing in Dark Wolverine. The best way to get people to like a character is to make them feel sorry for the character!

    As much as I like Greg Rucka, I'm not sure I want to spend the extra $ reading about a character I don't really care about. The only books I have with Batwoman in them were "52" and "Final Crisis: Revelations", and she didn't really stand out in either of those series. I'll probably wait a while and see what people are saying about that series before I give it a chance.