Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I discuss Resurrection by M. Guggenheim & Justin Greenwood

I see from Oni Press that they are today releasing Resurrection Volume 2 - no. 1. This is the second Chapter in this story by Marc Guggenheim & Justin Greenwood. I picked up issue 0 on Free Comic Book Day which was great. That led me to by the TPB for the first chapter. The basic idea for the story if you don’t know is similar to the premise of the Walking Dead, but swapping aliens for zombies. The first volume follows survivors of a decade long alien invasion who have for some unknown reason now left Earth. There are some good parts to the book where we see a struggle for who should now be leading the USA as President and also some survivors try their luck on an abandon alien (or Bug as they are called) ship, with some good tension and character exchange. The TPB is good, good enough to want me to see how it continues, but it ends abruptly and ultimately leaves more questions unanswered than answered.

I do want to pick up this new series (which I understand will follow a new set of survivors) but not at the $3.99 price per issue and the way the book is written it would be much better read in the trade, so I look forward to picking that up when the new series is collected.
It should also be noted that the first volume TPB (Resurrection: The Insurgent Edition, collecting the fist 7 issues) can be picked up in the USA for only $6 cover price! I paid around £5 for mine from Amazon.UK. Bargain prices really so if this sounds like your kind of thing I suggest picking it up.

The preview link for the new series issue 1 can be found on my previous post.


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