Monday, 1 June 2009

X-Men Forever 1 Preview @ Newsarama

X-Men Forever 1, on sale 10/06/2009 from Marvel written by Chris Claremont, art by Tom Grummett.

I’m excited, I mean, I think I am; maybe nervous is a better word. Why? Because the classic X-Men Blue Team era is essentially what got me in to comics when I was a kid. The first arc was excellent but then Claremont and Jim Lee were taken off the book and the writing and art chores fell to Fabian Nicieza and the great Andy Kubert. They went on to have a great run in my opinion, one that I remember fondly and that made me fall in love with the X-Men characters and comics in general. Highlights include the wedding of Scott & Jean, the battle against Magneto where Wolvie lost his adamantium, and then the epic, and in my opinion, greatest comic event ever, the Age of Apocalypse story line.

Now Claremont is essentially tasked with continuing his original vision following X-Men issue 3, which has me worried. I mean it could be great, as the classic and huge Claremont run on Uncanny X-Men was, but it could be bad like his more recent work. I know we still have the Nicieza and Kubert run to look back on whenever we like but I just feel like my favourite memories of comics are about to be changed and messed about with. From the preview we can already see that Gambit’s real name has been changed from Remy Lebeau to Remy Picard (why?). I know that is picky, but I just worry what’s next. Having said all that I will still pick up the issue and give you my thoughts once I’ve read it. Here’s hoping it’s great.

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