Friday, 5 June 2009

This week I have been mostly listening to …. The Horrors - Primary Colours.

Primary Colours is the second album from UK band The Horrors released last May.

I first saw the band before they released their first album and when there was a big excitement about this band around East London ‘trendies’. This was the first and only gig I have walked out of because the playing was so bad. The noise was an unbearable mash of gothic organs and overbearingly deep bass with some screeching vocals chucked in. It was awful. Now a few years later a couple of my mates have been banging on about how good this new album is and what a change of direction they’ve taken. So after hearing the single ‘Who can say’ from the new album, and really liking it I gave the whole record a go and its good, very good in fact.

The single ‘Who can say’ is a good indication for what the rest of the record sounds like. It is a big change in direction for the band and draws inspiration very much from psychedelic 60’s bands. Its very lo-fi in parts and dare I say it a bit shoe-gazey in others. The organs are still there but used well for melodical effect. The rhythm section have also upped there game with fantastic drumming on the whole record and very nice no frills rootsy bass work. It’s without a doubt a musical growth from a band that has matured greatly between their two records. I think fans of 60’s psychedelic music, Velvet Underground & the Jesus and Mary Chain might like this. A surprisingly good record. Check it.

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