Thursday, 4 June 2009

Mini reviews –Last weeks comics - Part 1

Last weeks comics finally arrived yesterday. Here are some mini reviews of the ones I have read so far.

Wolverine 72 – 5 out of 5

There is nothing I haven’t like about the Old Man Logan arc by Mark Millar & Steve McNiven. It has been non stop fantastic fan boy fun from the word go with the most gorgeous detailed pencils. This issue is just as good. Highlights include Red Skull’s head meeting Cap’s shield, Red Skulls trophy room (which included Silver Surfer’s board, the Things hand!), Logan playing as Tony Stark and of course the amazing emotional end between ‘Fuck no!’ & ‘FUCK YEAH! (If you’ve read it you’ll know what I mean.) I feel sad that there is only one issue left, but so excited too. I haven’t read all my comics from last week yet, but probably book of the week.

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk 6 – 3 out of 5

It was good, but an unsatisfying end really as (Spoilers) Wolverine and the Hulk become best buddies and walk off into the sunset together. What makes this book good is that Damon Lindoff writes excellent dialogue between the characters and it has amazing art, really amazing (Yu is one of the best in my opinion). I’ve enjoyed the series over all; this issue was just a bit of an anti-climax.

Immortal Iron Fist 26 – 4 out of 5
The end of another very good arc, wrapping up the Eighth City story. This book has clever writing and the pencils by Travel Foreman means it looks like no other book on the stands. Love it or hate it. I love it. Good ending too leading into the next issue. Marvel, please don’t cancel this book

Amazing Spider-Man 595 – 3.5 out of 5

Good issue. I haven’t read Amazing Spider-Man since Brand new day, but I didn’t feel lost at all. Joe Kelly writes an excellent and likeable Peter Parker. Art was very nice too. Spoilers – From what I can tell, now Harry has a baby to look after, he will go work for his dad as a mini Iron Man for the Avengers. Cool.

Superman 688 – 2.5 out of 5
This read a bit too quick for me, maybe because the panels are big and cinematic. James Robinson hasn’t made Mon-El quite likeable enough yet, and the whole lead poisoning scene with Dr Light was very confusing. On the plus side, I like the Guardian as a co-star and his story has potential. I also like General Lane as the villain, great character. Average/Good

More mini reviews tomorrow

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