Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Comic Book Pull List – 10/06/2009

Awesome cover to Red Robin 1 by Francis Manapul.
My list for new comic books that I’ll be picking up this week looks something like this:

Amazing Spider-Man 597
Deadpool 11
Uncanny X-Men 511
Wolverine 74
War of Kings – Savage World of Sakaar
X-Factor 44
X-Men Forever 1

Action Comics 878
Batman 687
Green Lantern Corps 37
Red Robin 1

Buck Rogers 1

Lots to look forward to this week including the continuation of Deadpool vs. Bullseye, hopefully an answer to the question; will Jean Grey be back? - in Uncanny X-Men 511, and how will X-Men Forever 1 turn out? The book I am most looking forward to is Red Robin 1. I like Tim Drake as a character & Chris Yost is a very good writer. I have been really enjoying X-Force and very much enjoyed his recent mini series Killer of Demons published by Image Comics (you guys should check that out if you haven’t already). I am nervous how Judd Winick will handle the new Batman, the Green Arrow book used to be one of my favorites until he took it over a few years ago and completely killed it for me. Guess we will have to wait and see.

What books you guys picking up?

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  1. My Pull List is pretty short this week. I'm only picking up Batman #687, The Flash: Rebirth #3, and Red Robin #1.