Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Pull List for 24/06/2009

(Awesome X-Force # 16 cover by K. Andrews, every cover of this story arc by Andrews has been knock out fantastic.)

Big list for me this week and a lot from Marvel, looks something like this:

Amazing Spider-Man # 598
Daredevil # 119
Dark Avengers/ Uncanny X-men: Utopia # 1
Guardians of the Galaxy # 15
Iron Fist # 27
New Avengers # 54
Secret Warriors # 5
Skaar: Son of Hulk # 12
Uncanny X-Men # 512
X-Factor # 45
X-Force # 16
X-Men Forever # 2

Green Lantern # 42

Not much DC there. I find myself buying less and less DC these days, and more and more Marvel.

I’ve decided not to pick up Superman # 689 this week, it’s just seems to be a book I’m not that bothered about reading anymore. I’m not picking up Nova # 26 also, I picked up the previous War of Kings tie in issues but so far they have pretty much been kept apart from the main War of Kings storyline, unlike Guardians of the Galaxy, which seems to be the essential WOK tie-in book.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter in X-Men Forever # 2 as I was surprised how much I liked the first. This month’s issue of Skaar also promises the inevitable throw down between the Hulk & Skaar, so that should be fun.

I can’t wait to read Amazing Spider-Man # 598 as the previous issue was so great, how will Pete escape Osborn? X-Force # 16 I hope will bring a satisfying close to the second ‘Messiah’ chapter, and I eagerly await details of the third chapter due out next year.

What will you guy’s be picking up this week?


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  2. I was actually going to write almost exactly what Robert wrote! I've been buying way more DC and less of the Quesada/BENDIS Marvel books. Although I'll always consider myself more of a Marvel fan then a DC fan, Marvel has been consistantly pissing me off since the horrible conclusion to House of M. As a huge fan of all things X, I'll never understand why Quesada and BENDIS decided to decimate Marvel's mutant population... The mutant subclass was one of the main advantages Marvel held over DC. The main X-books still haven't recovered from THAT debacle.

  3. Yes robert american son has been very good so far, def worth a look and I'm not even a spider-man fan.
    x-man 75 I think your totally right about the whole mutant decimation thing, it was the most stupid idea, and what a cop out that nearly all the x-men retained their powers and all the millions of other mutants didnt! how lucky for them, i mean Im glad they did (as I wish no mutants lost them in the first place), but if wanda says no more mutants how come all the x-men kept their powers? I can understand the mutant population getting too big, but there could have been a better way/story line to decrease numbers. I agree that the main x-books have in general been of poorer standard lately but I do enjoy, x-factor, x-force & cable every month. In fact the messiah story lines have prob been my fav x-stories since house of m.

  4. Yeah, I agree that there was probably a better way to reduce the mutant population then the ill-conceived "No More Mutants" decree. Grant Morrison managed to take out a nice chunk of the mutie population in New X-Men while still allowing new mutants to appear. That's my main complaint, there is no way for new mutants to appear to join or menace the x-teams.

    You're not the first person who's said X-Force was a good read Matthew. I just can't bring myself to read that comic as long as Chris Yost, Craig Kyle and X-23 are involved in it. I still haven't forgiven what happened in the second New X-Men series.