Monday, 1 June 2009

Batman & Robin 1 Preview Art @ DC The Source Blog - By Alex Segura

Nice preview page here of Batman & Robin 1 with finished art by Frank Quitely, looks cool. Really looking forward to how this new series turns out. Though I’m not a huge Grant Morrison fan I loved Batman RIP so hopefully he’ll continue his great work on the new Batman & Robin. Some other good links on the blog too for interviews with Peter Tomasi regarding Blackest Night, Keith Giffen about the newly announced Magog series and lots more.

Link -


  1. I'm totally amped to read this. The art looks amazing. Did you read any 'New X-Men' or 'All Star Superman'? Morrison and Quitely is one of the best team ups ever in comic books. This bat run is going to rule.

  2. Not read New X-Men, though I have access to the issues so I will read them eventually and yeah All Star Supes was cool. I think it will rule.