Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Comic Book Pull List for 17/06/2009

DC Comics:
- Batman: Streets of Gotham # 1

- Cable # 15
- Incognito # 4
- Wolverine: Origins # 37
- X-Men Origins: Gambit # 1
- Young Allies Comics 70th Special # 1

Pretty small week for me thank god, my wallet will be pleased. I’m looking forward to Streets of Gotham & Cable the most.

I was planning on picking up Action Comics Annual #12 too but after reading Action Comics #878 I have decided to drop the title. It’s just an average read for me that seems to be getting worse each month and I’m not that invested in the characters. I am buying far too many comics each month and want to start saving to go traveling so I really need to start cutting back. So for that reason and also the reviews I’ve read I will also not be picking up Cap # 600, Marvel can go fuck themselves on that one. They are taking the piss with their prices.

I’m picking up the Gambit Origins as I’m a fan of the character from the early 90’s, not really how he has been written recently, but I’ll give it a go. Incognito I’m unsure about. I have bought the previous 3 issues and really enjoyed them but I think it will read really nice in trade, just by the style it’s written, but…….. there are only 2 issues left! I dunno maybe I’ll sell issues 1-3 I already have on ebay and wait for the trade due in November I think.

Something else that caught my eye that is out this week was the following TPB from DC. I enjoyed Batman RIP and this might be an interesting companion read to see some of Morrison’s inspiration for the story. I think I’ll flick through this in a store to see if it’s any good and maybe pick it up:

Batman: The Black Casebook

Written by Bill Finger, Edmond Hamilton and others; Art by Sheldon Moldoff, Dick Sprang and others; Cover by Alex Ross
Discover the stories that inspired recent events in the Batman universe with this new collection! Featuring stories from BATMAN #65, 86, 112, 113, 134, 156 and 162, DETECTIVE COMICS #215, 235, 247 and 267, and WORLD'S FINEST COMICS #89. With an intro by Grant Morrison.
What are you guys getting?


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  3. Cut back on comics? Never! I'd sooner live in a cardboard box than cut down on my comic book buying expenditures! Yes, my priorities are all out of whack.

    I'll be grabbing Action Comics Annual #12, Captain America #600, Dark Reign: Young Avengers #2, Green Arrow/Black Canary #21, GLC: Through the Ages, Hellblazer #256, Mighty Avengers #26, War of Kings: Ascension #3, Wolverine: Origins #37 and X-Men: Legacy #225. Whew!

    I was going to give Batman: Streets of Gotham #1 a try, but I'll probably wait to see what kind of buzz that comic is getting before I pick it up. It's funny you mention it, because I'm actually waiting for the Incognito trade myself. I collected Brubaker's Criminal in trade form, so I figure I'll do the same with Incognito.

  4. That Batman trade sounds great. I might have to pick it up.

    I'll also be grabbing the new Madman, Action Comics Annual #12, Captain America #600, Green Arrow/Black Canary #21, Batman: Streets of Gotham #1, Cable # 15, and probably some others I've forgotten. I buy way too many comics, but I enjoy them all immensely so I guess it's okay.

  5. Big week for you there x-man. wolv origins has been pretty good lately dont you think? I just really want to find out who romulus is, and the new artist is sooooo good.

  6. X-man & marvel sucker, I see your both picking up cable. whats your prediction for the end of this messiah arc? what will happen to hope? wtf are her powers why bishop is so afraid of her?

  7. Robert, whats outsiders been like since tomasi took over? i havent bought that title in a while

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  9. I've actually been enjoying Wolvie Origins for a while. The series started off strong, slowed down a bit, but has really picked up steam lately. According to the previews for Origins #37, Romulus is finally going to show up, although I'll believe it when I see it.

    Hmm, I didn't realize that Peter Tomasi was writing Outsiders... I think I might see if I can pick up a few back issues of that series to see what I think. I enjoyed his work on Nightwing and I really like his GLC work. What's one more title?