Friday, 12 June 2009

Marvel previews for comics on sale June 17th @ CBR

As you usual, when I log on to my computer on a Friday morning the first thing I check out is the Marvel previews @ CBR for comics due out the following week. The previews are for the following books:

Out of the above I will be purchasing Cable 15, X-Men Origins: Gambit & I think Young Allies Comics. I was not planning on picking up Young Allies but I liked the above preview mainly due to the great art work of Paolo Rivera. He has done all the art work on the fantastic Marvel origin series Mythos, written by Paul Jenkins, that have been released over the past couple of years. As there is not much else for me I’ll probably give it a go.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers has interested me but it’s another $3.99 book which put me off. As its only a mini I’ll probably wait for the TPB. Was issue 1 any good? Let me know guys.

Also Invincible Iron Man takes my interest and I know there are a lot of fans of this series but after picking up the first arc I was not that impressed. I find it hard following an Iron Man series because of all the tech head/ mechanical suit talk that Fraction and most previous writers use. I get why it’s in there, that style suits this book, but it just bores me a bit. So I dropped this after issue 4 or 5. (Wasn’t a great fan of the art either although the preview pages above look pretty nice. Love the old Iron Man suit.) I now feel its too late to get on board with this ‘Worlds Most Wanted’ arc as issue 14 that is coming out next week is part 7 of the overall story arc. I feel I’d be totally lost. Can you guys tell me what I’ve missed? Has this series been good?

Reading the preview for X-Men Legacy 225, Xavier is written like a total bad-ass which I like, but this series has been really shit for me, so I won’t pick this up. I’ve pretty much hated everything Mike Carey has done on the X-Men titles which is a shame as I like some of his other work.

The full link is here, and please let me know what you guys are picking up from Marvel next week:


  1. Just the milestone 600th issue of Captain America for me. I've decided to "trade-wait" a lot of the Marvel stuff because of their damn $3.99 price tags.

  2. Yeah I can totally understand that, its just so hard to wait sometimes though.